codeadleaf said: beautiful !! I love him ! Do you have already some idea for his name or not at all ?

Thank you u.u

No, not really, I can’t find interesting one that’d suit him. TBH I think I’ll give him a nickname (smth related to flowers or birds) because whatever name I pick for him, he’s the type to think his real one is boring and not fitting for his image.

What a poser.


whodied said: GIVE HIM TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE want want want teh pic is lovely too. god my waifu is amazing. all im capable now is playing dragon age. im btw blaming you for getting into it again :/

he won’t go to anyone, he’s a free soul xD

pfffffffffffffffft bby, i barely manage to sketch stuff without deleting and giving up, if i didn’t force myseld i’d play games non stop.

it’s not my fault, it’s because the game is great ahhh haa


heartstriker asked:

Mayo, can i kiss pink trash? I wanna kiss him. //cries what have you done to me.... //stares at the floor

Just some silly drawings Answer:

i have no idea how do you plan on kissing someone who dosn’t exist but ?? go ahead if you want to?