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aodite said: Something along those silly elf wants the d line yeah. =u=

that’s my fault, i never really gave away too much about him or Librarian ahhh. well not the serious bits

but he’s supposed to seem like focused on having fun one, it’s how he deals with his issues. by avoiding them and being dumb butt.

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aodite said: I admit I got a completely different picture of him from your other stuff until now … welp… (still cutie tho tell him i said hi)

I assume my other stuff of him made him seem less mean and mainly hella focused on the d? haaaaaa

yepppp, tho Brandon is a huge bastard and it will eventually show

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codeadleaf said: I really miss wihlist, are you going to continue it ? I really hope so…

I sure don’t want to drop it.

But if it comes to being creative, I’m really out of my element, was for basically whole year and it’s hard to get myself to work on it.

Well, I only made first page of new version and took a break because I already had my doubts but I still think about story and characters so I will eventually continue:> Just in horribly slow manner…

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shinkami-lyn said: //wants to comment to everything you post but fears I’ll end up annoying the hell out of you _(:3_)TL// AAAH anyway baby he looks really great AND HIS BOW THO! //stares happily <3


Ohhh no you wouldn’t annoy me ahh u.u And I haven’t really post too much here anyway… Well, now that I’m obbssessed with Dragon Age and will most likely doodle more I will have stuff to post:>

Thank you so much, bby. I have no idea how it manages to get any sort of progress if I put so little effort in everything lately /weeps/

— 4 days ago
yanderehikari asked: that oc you posted with the blue hair is absolutely too attractive please tell me everything about them right now * O *



Glad you like him, ahhh, I’m very bad at writing descriptions, esp that english isn’t my mother language, but I’ll try to write a few things about him.

His name is Brandon Gray, though it’s not his real name and surname but was given to him by goddess Gaia. Real name was erased as one of punishments.

He’s… a really bad person actually. He’s forced to do dirty job and his lifetime is extended so he can pay for what he did properly. He messed up by killing members of council in his clan. He’s an blue elf and holds a lot of hatred towards his people, he also uses spells to look more human, his skin is normally light blue, eyes red and ears are longer.

His personality can be summed with ”I feel like I’m the worst
so I always act like I’m the best” quote. He’s avare of all his flaws but has zero will and hope to work on them.

He’s really egoistical and will use others for his goals without any problem. Which is pretty ironic, since he hates his kind for closed minds, egoism and behaviour that holds them back and yet he’s not better than them.

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try&gt; fail&gt; slap a cheeb on it and call it a day

try> fail> slap a cheeb on it and call it a day

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random doodles DA characters are hard to draw so i’ll be sticking to messy cheebs

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Kinda messed that up,
I just wanted to draw Fenris /sigh/. I&#8217;ll leave it here and on dA and maybe fix it in future or nah (most likely nah)

Kinda messed that up,

I just wanted to draw Fenris /sigh/. I’ll leave it here and on dA and maybe fix it in future or nah (most likely nah)

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